Land To Sky To Sea

Code SS-02
Category Southern Scrambles
Duration 11 days nights

Dates & Prices

Day 1: Phnom Penh

Airport Transfer/getting settled into your hotel and meeting fellow riders. We can arrange a tour for you to The Killing Fields and The Tuol Sleng S21 Genocide Museum, so you gain an insight into Cambodia’s turbulent past. We will go over the tour itinerary over an evening meal. You will be staying in a comfortable air-con hotel with a pool.

Day 2: Phnom Penh to Kampong Chhnang

Today will be fairly easy going to begin with.... mainly red dirt roads leading out of Phnom Penh, and then getting sandier as the day goes on. Tackling sandy trails and single track, we should arrive in Kompong Chhnang late afternoon, where you can relax in a nice air-con hotel.

Day 3: Kampong Chhnang to Pursat

Another fun day consisting of dirt roads and more sandy single track. We will follow the train tracks for a while where there may be the opportunity to load the bikes on one of the famous Bamboo Trains. In the afternoon you can get a taste of what lies ahead as we cut through some of the nearby mountains. We will be staying in Pursat town in a comfortable hotel.

Day 4: Pursat to O Soum

Things get interesting today as we make our way into the mountains. Roads will get more technical with river crossings and rutted, rocky climbs, and some great forest trails. There are some awesome views as we climb into the small community of O Soum. We will stay in a local guesthouse, but with some good grub. It will be a lot cooler away from the heat of central Cambodia. Get a good nights kip as tomorrow is a long day!

Day 5: O Soum to Koh Kong

Today the riding isn’t as technical as we have to jump on the graded Chinese built dirt road that links the new hydropower dams. The old route was so mashed up that only a few groups would make it and since then most tour groups use the Chinese road, so it has become impassable. There will be some amazing views and the riding is still entertaining; if you lose your concentration for a second you’ll be down a gulley! There are a couple of sections that are a bit more chopped up with some nice climbs/descents. Unlike the ride in June we are planning to extend the ride after the big river crossing. There are a couple of options: either more graded roads or more technical riding. We will see how the group feels. This extension should bring us in to Koh Kong around 4pm. A nice hotel overlooking the estuary near the Thai border will be our accommodation for the night; Koh Kong

Day 6: Koh Kong [Rest Day]

After five days riding you’ll need a little R&R. As will the bikes, so we’ll be doing some work on them while you can just relax or check out some of the nearby waterfalls and rapids. You can either chill on the riverside at the comfy restaurant or you can explore the town yourself. We can also cross the estuary and go to the beach for a swim near Thailand, where there is also a casino if you want to try your luck.

Day 7: Koh Kong to Chipat

If you want extreme we have several technical climbs for you, lots of dodgy bridges, slippery single track and river crossings. This is probably one of the best trails through the Cardamons. We will be staying in a charming rural village homestay in the village of Chipat, which is the gateway to the Aural National Park. There are rapids nearby where we can end the day with a nice refreshing swim. You will find some of the most untouched parts of Cambodia here, with new species being found all the time. This is rapidly changing with the onset of deforestation & development in the region. We will be staying at the local village guesthouse/homestay.

Day 8: Chipat to Kiriom

Today there is a wide range of terrain; More rocky climbs, single trail, slippery forest trails and fun river crossings. The day will start on single track, which will be sandy or muddy depending on the weather, and as the day goes on will become more challenging with some nice technical sections as we near Kiriom National Park, where there is a wide range of terrain. Here you have the option to camp or stay in a nice air-con hotel with a pool. A fun ride today!

Day 9: Kiriom to Kampot

Once we leave the national park we will head south following the Elephant Mountains to the town of Kampot. Lots of sand to begin, with more fabulous single track. If you are up for the challenge there are a couple of hill climbs we can have a go at on the way. Once in town we can catch the sunset on the riverfront with a few cold beers, after which we will stay at a beautiful hotel on the banks of the river shadowed by Bokor Mountain.

Day 10: Kampot to Kep: Rabbit Island

Today’s ride will be short but exciting as we will make our way to Kep through the nearby hills and mountains. Great single track through river crossings, interlinking hillside temples and mysterious caves should keep us occupied. There is even an ancient Angkorian temple inside one of these caves. We will stay on Rabbit Island, leaving the bikes on the mainland. Kick off your riding boots, relax and enjoy the beach and delicious fresh seafood ... Paradise!

Day 11: Kep to Sihanoukville or Phnom Penh

You have the option to return to Phnom Penh, or continue the tour down to Sihanoukville. Today will bring mainly dirt and single track in either direction. The beach awaits in Sihanoukville, and we will go via Phnom Bokor in Kampot,which offers some fabulous views over the coast . Or, if you take the Phnom Penh route you have options to go to the shooting range, and try your hand at an AK-47 or an RPG, or a chilled boat cruise on the Mekong in Phnom Penh.

Meals :

Day 1: Siem Reap to Kulen Mountain

We will leave Siem Reap, and make our way to the base of the mountain, on awesome single track, exciting forest trails, and dirt roads. The climb to the top is about 14km and offers great views of the surrounding countryside. By the time we reach the summit, it will be lunch after which you can check out the waterfall and river carvings. Freshen up in the cooling mountain water. Then, jumping on exciting single track we will head to the Bat Cave, where there are caves that go deep into the mountainside with hidden shrines inside. Then on to Srah Damrei, the famous stone elephant hidden away in the dense forest; carved out of the mountain itself it is an amazing sight to behold. We will then make our way to the village of Anglong Thom where we will camp for the night. You will get a real feel for local life here.

Day 2: Kulen to Siem Reap

After breakfast, there are more temples you can explore, or you can check out the sleeping Buddha of Preah Ang Thom; carved atop an enormous hill-sized boulder. We will then make our way back down the mountain where we will head back to Siem Reap on similar trails. There are many options depending how you are feeling. If there is time we can catch sunset at the West Barey.

Another epic enduro adventure. Unlike our 'Over The Top' ride, this tour starts in Phnom Penh so you get to see different parts of the country. We will make our way North West following the train tracks on dual and single track. Lots of sand here so ample opportunity to give that throttle a twist! We will then head west into the mountains where the real fun begins. Anything from single track to technical hillclimbs, which turn to muddy bogs in the wet, there will be something to keep everyone happy. Once through the mountains we will ride through the beautiful rolling hills of Kirirom National park before making our way down to the coast on more spectacular tracks. This is a true off road adventure that you will remember for years to come. Due to the demanding conditions of this tour we recommend you are at least an intermediate rider, and should have a good level of fitness. We will be riding between 100 and 200 kilometers a day.

Terms & Conditions

How to Book

Once you have chosen your itinerary we will send you your final invoice. To secure a booking we require either a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the tour price or $150 per person, whichever is the greater. This can be paid by Bank Transfer or Stripe via the website. The remaining balance can be paid in cash on arrival. Please note: when paying by credit card, a fee of 1.2% is applicable.

Cancellation Policy

Should the client wish to cancel, cancellation charges will be imposed. These are calculated from the day written or verbal notification is received by the Company or their authorized travel agent as a percentage of the total tour price per person cancelling, including surcharges, bank fees and currency exchange fluctuation. The cancellation charges shown below are those which will apply to most tours.

56 or more days before tour starts – retention of deposit

55-42 days before tour starts – 30% of the cost of the tour

41-28 days before tour starts – 60% of the cost of the tour

27-14 days before tour starts – 90% of the cost of the tour

Less than 14 days before tour starts – 100% of the cost of the tour.


Bike Damage/Loss Of Equipment

Unfortunately, due to the nature of riding bikes, accidents do happen and damage does occur. We will require either a cash damage deposit of 500 USD for the Honda XR250R / 750 USD for the Yamaha WR 250/450 and other upgrade bikes, or the rider's passport to be deposited before the start of the tour.

Basically; if you break something on the bike you are riding for the tour and the fault is yours, you will have to replace that part. The same applies to any lost part or piece of riding gear. We will  give you a motorbike in good condition for your tour [and the necessary riding gear] and we expect it be returned in that same condition for the next customer who rides it. If there is any significant damage under your care, your deposit will be used for the necessary repairs/replacement of parts.

Your deposit will be refunded in full at the completion of the tour provided no damage has occurred to the motorcycle. If damage has occurred and repair costs are less than deposit amount, then the difference between the repair cost and the deposit will be refunded.



I recognize that there is an element of risk in dirt biking. Knowing of the inherent risks (such as, but not limited to, exposure, snake bites, equipment failure, hazards of the road, traffic accidents, changing weather conditions, etc) and rigors required of said activity, I certify that I am fully capable of participating in the said activity. Therefore, I assume full responsibility for myself, for bodily injury, death and loss of or damage to personal property and expenses thereof. I possess at least the following prerequisites for participating in this activity:

a. I know how to ride a dirt bike;
b. I am in good mental and physical health.

I accept for use, as is, the equipment in good condition and accept full responsibility for care of equipment while in my possession. I agree to deposit my/our passport[s] or leave a cash deposit with KICKSTART DIRTBIKE ADVENTURES as insurance in case of any damage to property. I will be responsible for the prompt replacement at full retail value of all equipment not returned or damaged, other than reasonable wear and tear. I certify that all instruction on the use of equipment has been made clear to me and I understand the function of the equipment.

I indemnify KICKSTART DIRTBIKE ADVENTURES, it’s officers, employees and agents from any action including negligence, related to these risks and dangers. I understand that third party insurance is not included in the tour, but is available as an extra. These terms shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for myself and anyone that accompanies me.