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At Kickstart we offer anything from off road day tours that take in the attractions around Siem Reap, to full on multi-day enduro tours around the whole country. All of our tours are flexible, and can be customized to suit your needs. Most of the tours below can be adapted to your riding ability and the time you have available. If you want something more specific, check out our CUSTOM TOURS section and we can tailor a trip to your desired itinerary.

We will require a non-refundable deposit of $150 per person, which you can pay either by bank transfer of Paypal. The remainder can then be settled with cash on arrival. At present we don't have a credit card machine.

See our options below:

  • Around Siem Reap

    A range of half, full and two day off-road tours around Siem Reap. Perfect for beginner motorcycle riders or those with intermediate off road skills with limited time on their hands. For a half day tour, terrain ranges from graded red roads to scenic hill top vistas and great single track. There are four full day tour options ranging from sealed/unsealed road trips for those with less experience, to riding the sandy Tonle Sap flood plains for experienced riders. Also available are day tours to the mythical birthplace of the Angkorian Empire, Phnom Kulen, which offers technical mountain single track and jungle trails or sealed/unsealed roads. A two day tour option is available taking you a little further afield to visit the less visited Beng Melea jungle temple and ancient capital of Koh Ker. Two day tours to Preah Kahn deep in the jungle are also available, for experienced enduro riders.

    Half Day - Detailed Info & Prices

    Full Day [Four Options] - Detailed Info & Prices

    Two Days - Short Temple Tour

    Two Days - Kulen Camping Adventure

  • Tomb Raider Temple Tours [North/Northeast]

    This the best part of the country to see remote jungle temples by dirt bike. Cambodia has numerous gems hidden away that most people will never see due to the technical nature of the terrain. We have two great off-road tours for intermediate riders with some time to spare, that offer some awesome trail riding. A four day tour takes in Angkor Wat and the ancient capital of Koh Ker before heading north to the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge in the Dangrek Mountains near the Thai border. One of our favourite jungle temple tours is a six day ride that also starts with Angkor Wat and Koh Ker, but then turns southeast traveling through Kampong Thom province via the jungle temple complex ofPreah Khan. The terrain is more technical which will keep the enduro riders happy. Then, through Kampong Cham province following the almighty Mekong river, finishing in Phnom Penh.

    Northern Temple Trail Blast: Four Days - Detailed Info & Prices

    The Tomb Raider: Six Days - Detailed Info & Prices

  • Northeast Enduros [Northeast]

    We have two exciting off-road motorcycle tours heading north and then east, looping along the Laos and Vietnamese borders. These trips are for more experienced riders as conditions can be tough depending on the weather. Enduro fans will love them combining lots of sand, rock, unsealed dirt/clay rutted roads, and more sand. The eight day tour takes you northeast to Stung Treng on the Lao border before heading through the eastern mountainous regions of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri; home to a number of indigenous hill tribes.

    A ten day dirt bike adventure is available which gives us a chance to head north from Siem Reap to the former Khmer Rouge stronghold of Anlong Veng, final resting place of Pol Pot. From there we head east and have the opportunity to visit the Angkorian temple of Preah Vihear, perched on the edge of the Dangrek Mountains which form a natural border with Thailand, the view is one of the best in Cambodia. Then heading down the Death Highway; given this name due to the muddy conditions of the route in the wet season, we will follow the tribal regions as in the eight day trip offering some amazing enduro riding.

    Tribal Routes: 8 Days - Detailed Info & Prices

    Ancient Tribal Enduro: 10 Days - Detailed Info & Prices

  • Cardamom Mountain Adventures [West/Southwest]

    The Cardamom Mountains are our favorite part of the country to ride dirt bikes. We have three great off road tours for intermediate to expert riders, each one heads west before tracking south through the mountains, finishing down on the coast in Sihanoukville. The six day tour is great for those wanting to test their ability, starting slowly on the first day before picking up as you enter the mountains. The seven day tour option is tougher and for experienced riders only, due to the technical nature of some of the mountain trails. Crazy river and bridge crossings plus stunning views make for an unforgettable experience. The eleven day rally is another tough ride, you need a good level of experience and also a high level of fitness to be able to complete the trip. For those that do, you will experience some of the best technical terrain in the country combined with the unbelievable views of the most remote region of Cambodia. However in wet season some routes do become impassable.

    Mini Western Enduro: Six Days - Detailed Info & Prices

    Extreme Enduro: Seven Days - Detailed Info & Prices

    Over The Top: Eleven Days - Detailed Info & Prices

  • Southern Scrambles [South/Southwest]

    Both options start in Phnom Penh and end by the beach! The six day tour option heads through Kirirom National Park on a good mixture of terrain, and then curves along the south coast visiting the royal retreat of Kep in the gulf of Thailand, and Kampot; the home of Cambodia's famous pepper, before finishing at the beaches of Sihanoukville. The eleven day off-road tour is a monster, a tough technical ride which also requires a good level of fitness. We leave Phnom Penh and head west into Pursat province from where we push through the Cardamom Mountain Range and Kirirom National Park. From there we head south looping along the coast visiting Kep and Kampot before finishing at Rabbit Island for a bit of well earned R&R.

    Coastal Scramble: Six Days - Detailed Info & Prices

    Land to Sky to Sea: Eleven Days - Detailed Info & Prices

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