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Kickstart's Top 3 Favourite Rides

KTM stuck in a muddy bog with ox-cart waiting to pass

Living in Cambodia we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the sheer range of terrain to ride dirt-bikes. Great riding, history and a vibrant culture and people making riding here a unique experience. It’s hard to narrow down what trails I consider the best as there are too many to write down, but here are our top 3 routes:

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Dirt Biking Is Addictive

In front of The Flooded Forest in Anlong Veng

Once you’ve been bitten by the dirt-biking bug, you never look back. It is an enthralling sport that puts your limits, emotionally and physically to the test. On any given day of riding you are experiencing a wide range of emotions from despair to sheer exhilaration. That topped with the adventure travel side of it and the amazing things you can see and places that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to, it is no wonder our customers keep coming back.

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Alan & Clint's Ancient Tribal Enduro

Loading a dirtbike onto a boat to cross the Mekong

After a challenging three days of constantly fixing the bikes we’d rented for Rob’s tour, (see previous blog) I was looking forward to being back on our beloved blue steeds; the trusty Yamaha WRF. Every tour has its challenges but you have to be able to rely on the ride and at Kickstart we take great care to ensure our bikes are running top notch. This tour had it's own challenges too, from unfamiliar terrain, exhaustion and a nasty crash that put me out of action for 7 months.

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Mini Coastal Scramble

Ferry crossing near Stung Hau

Rob who is a regular on Kickstart’s day tours and fun rides had invited his mates over from the UK for the festive period and he was keen to show them the real Cambodia. We decided to start in Phnom Penh and head to Sihanoukville as they wanted to get to the islands for New Year. We decided on a three day adventure that took in Kirriom, Kampot & Kep, which are beautiful provinces with some awesome riding. We drove down from Siem Reap with Rob the day before we were due to meet the lads at the airport. They’d flown to Bangkok and were trying not to have too big a night as they would literally jump on the bikes as soon as they got off the plane.

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