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Tour reccy’s are great!

Tour Reccy - Svay Luur to Kbal Spean

This time of year I like to go on as many tour reccy’s as possible. There is nothing better than finding awesome new trails and getting lost in the process, maybe with a bit of camping in the jungle.

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Riding Phnom Kulen


The Stone Lions at Phnom Kulen

There are many reasons why riding in Cambodia is, in my opinion, one of the best places to ride in the world. Not only are we spoilt for choice with so many different types of terrain, which changes with the seasons, but the rich culture and history of this remarkable country, not to mention the people, make riding here truly unique. There really is something quite special about riding through the jungle on awesome terrain to find hidden temples and ancient artifacts, or camping out in places of natural beauty that are only accessible by dirt bike. I feel very privileged to be able to live & work here and call this home.

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Preah Khan Overnighter

Stuck in the mud. The road to Preah Khan in the wet season.

This time of year it can be fairly restrictive where one can ride off road. A lot of trails become submerged or are covered by rice fields resulting in alternate routes being taken. So when Michael approached us to do a two day tour consisting of technical riding  through the forests to some of the remote jungle temples, I told him not to get his hopes up too much as we would probably end up having to ride on red graded roads in order to get to our destination. The route he wanted to do is generally impassable during the wet season. If there is a larger group then you can help one another over the numerous river crossings and streams, but as it was only Michael and my partner La it was questionable as to how far they would get. I had buggered my hand due to an altercation with a tree branch, so I had to sit this one out, otherwise I would have gone.

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Kickstart’s Essential After-Ride Checklist

What do you consider to be the most important things to check/adjust after a ride?  Running tours we often have many bikes to maintain in a short period of time, so we focus on these 5 essential things after each day of riding, which will prolong your bikes’ life and performance. If you love your ride; look after her!




 1. Check/change engine oil.


No matter how much or how little you have ridden, it is essential to check your engine oil. The manual for our Yamaha WRF’s recommends changing the oil every 1000km. This is only a guide and it depends on the kind of riding you are doing. On our tours we generally change every 500 – 1000km; so every 2 to 3 days of trail riding. You need to take into consideration water getting in the engine casing, and too much oil burning off which is why you need to check after every ride rather than rely on the manufacturers guidelines. 

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